You can rely completely on the Reich Easydriver Active single caravan mover. With extremely compact and robust German engineering, this is one of our favourites.

From: £895.00

The EM305 Auto is the top of the E-move range. It features all of the benefits of the EM303A caravan mover and has the addition of an automatic electric roller engage system.

From: £899.00

Extremely powerful and can move caravans up to 2500kg. State of the art remote control unit with self diagnostics provides effortless control of your caravan at your fingertips.

From: £1,049.00

Reliability, accuracy and speed. The Reich Easydriver Pro offers perfect all round caravan moving value.

From: £1,075.00

The new Powrtouch Evolution TWIN is the next generation of caravan mover. This caravan mover provides the latest developments in innovation yet is still excellent value for money.

From: £1,075.00

All Wheel Drive

Purpleline Enduro QUATTRO

From: £1,178.00

Lightweight caravan mover, precision engineered to be strong, reliable, intelligent and up to 28% lighter than other leading brands

From: £1,298.00

Lightweight, affordable, optimal ground clearance, strong grip, powerful and reliable are some of the qualities of this Reich mover.

From: £1,575.00

Best Seller

From: £1,599.00