The EM305 Auto is the top of the E-move range. It features all of the benefits of the EM303A caravan mover and has the addition of an automatic electric roller engage system.

From: £899.00

Reliability, accuracy and speed. The Reich Easydriver Pro offers perfect all round caravan moving value.

From: £1,049.00

The new Powrtouch Evolution TWIN is the next generation of caravan mover. This caravan mover provides the latest developments in innovation yet is still excellent value for money.

From: £1,075.00

The all NEW Enduro series 2 mover has been completely redeveloped. Based on the highly successful original Enduro, the series 2 adds to its predecessor’s success.

From: £1,258.00

The e-go Titanium the perfect choice for you next mover being up to 28% lighter than other leading brands, as well as offering a tried and tested design.

From: £1,448.00

Best Seller

From: £1,549.00

Best Seller

From: £1,549.00

AL-KO AMS Mammut has the power to move your caravan effortlessly. Inclines, kerbs and rough terrain can be overcome to position the vehicle into exactly the right spot without assistance.

From: £1,570.00

25% more powerful than other leading manufactures. Quattro’s twin roller design provides unrivalled grip across gravel, grass and tarmac even when wet!

From: £1,598.00