The Titanium has been designed with a lightweight alloy body and custom sealed gearbox offering considerable wight saving.

From: £740.00

State of the art handset is easy and intuitive to use. Powerful, reliability and high performance is guaranteed with the Purpleline Rhodium.

From: £950.00

Great unique roller-ball design provides variable speed control with complete 360° smooth movement giving precision manoeuvring. Comes complete with an ergonomic remote unit.

From: £1,020.00

Extremely powerful and can move caravans up to 2500kg. State of the art remote control unit with self diagnostics provides effortless control of your caravan at your fingertips.

From: £1,165.00

All Wheel Drive

Purpleline Enduro QUATTRO

From: £1,270.00

Lightweight caravan mover, precision engineered to be strong, reliable, intelligent and up to 28% lighter than other leading brands

From: £1,480.00
From: £1,900.00
From: £2,040.00
From: £2,330.00