Tyre Gauges

Reich Safetyre

Easydriver safetyre – the safe control system for your tyre pressure


Move your caravan with a slide of your finger. Very simple and very safe – thanks to the new app for smart manoeuvring.


Once of the most reliable and affordable caravans movers available. Compact and patented design offering great value for money.

From: £749.00

You can rely completely on the Reich Easydriver Active single caravan mover. With extremely compact and robust German engineering, this is one of our favourites.

From: £895.00

Reliability, accuracy and speed. The Reich Easydriver Pro offers perfect all round caravan moving value.

From: £1,049.00

Best Seller

From: £1,549.00

Lightweight, affordable, optimal ground clearance, strong grip, powerful and reliable are some of the qualities of this Reich mover.

From: £1,840.00

Best Seller

From: £2,049.00

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  • Reichs Best Mover To Date!
  • Unique Easydriver anti-corrosion system - offering ultimate protection
  • Exceptional performance in every situation
  • New intuitive operation - performs well even on very steep gradients
  • Simple operation, light weight and compact
  • Unique engaging mechanism for optimum power conversion
  • Radio operated remote control for all functions with equipment status feedback
  • Best possible traction for safe operation on steep inclines, wet grass, mud and awkward environments.

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