Leisurewize (Emove)

Leisurewize E-move EM203

With 10 Years of development, this E-move EM203 caravan mover is designed to offer power, reliability and is exceptional value for money.

From: £545.00

Leisurewize (Emove)

Leisurewize E-move EM303

In the Easy-Wind range of Emove caravan movers, the EM303 is the flagship model. It builds on the great success of the EM203 but includes more features.

From: £575.00

Leisurewize (Emove)

Leisurewize E-move EM303A

From: £745.00

Leisurewize (Emove)

Leisurewize E-move EM305 Auto

The EM305 Auto is the top of the E-move range. It features all of the benefits of the EM303A caravan mover and has the addition of an automatic electric roller engage system.

From: £899.00
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From unhitch to level pitch in 2 minutes!
Automatic mover and caravan self levelling system – The complete kit consists of electric engage EMOVE caravan mover with all season covers.

From: £1,949.00