Preparing for 2019 with the Emove Finding Level

emove caravan leveller

It’s been a very busy 2018 with sales continuing to rise for the must-have caravan motor mover. As we approach 2019, we have a brand new product we are extremely excited about – the all new E-move Finding Level. This combined caravan mover and fully automatic caravan levelling kit by Leisurewize at long last offers […]

Leisurewize E-Move Caravan Movers

emove caravan movers by leisurewize

Experience Matters E-move started with the development of a caravan manoeuvring system at the end of 2005, which was introduced to the market in 2007. Manoeuvring systems were only available to a select group of caravan-owners at that time. Partly because of E-move technology, the market has been broken open and a manoeuvring system has […]

Which Caravan Mover Should I Buy ?

range of caravan movers

Midland Motor Movers offers a huge range of caravan mover and all available professionally fitted throughout the UK or we can also supply just the unit. Our range includes all the most well known and reliable brands including Reich, Powrtouch, Truma, Purpleline, Leisurewize (Emove) and AL-KO. Dont forget we have over 20 years of experience […]

Consider a Powrtouch Evolution Mover

Powrtouch evolution auto

The lightest, most powerful Caravan Mover. The Powrtouch Evolution is a leading caravan mover which been designed and developed completely in the UK. The newly designed mover makes use of an extremely lightweight alloy material as well as a highly efficient gearbox system. This, in addition to an all-new leading ‘four-pole’ electric drive motor gives […]